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Theater Ktesibios is a concept created and produced by me, Nathan Hemenway, and a handful of collaborators. It is concerned with theatre and design informed by research in robotics, control electronics, and their application towards architecture and the larger built environment.

The work includes film, music, sensors, shadow, various uses of what may be called "smart furniture", and many other similar tools which help establish or illustrate my enthusiasm for kinetic design and architecture. The examples presented here are thought experiments. Each exploring this exciting, insightful, and challenging field. To be sure it is a developing area of work and has many excellent active practitioners.

Of particular inspiration include the Kinetic Architecture group at MIT, the dance company Mummenschanz, Norbert Wiener and, of course, Ktesibios/Ctesibios - the imaginitive engineer from ancient Greece.

Theater Ktesibios ocassionally presents performances to the general public and adapts to commissions which further the project's goals. The focus is sensible design (okay not SO sensible), modernist attitudes and overall forward thinking. Your Participation with these unpredictable themes and elements is gratiously welcomed.

2016 was a remarkable year for us. We finished many of the prototypes for the stage design. Most of our production scripts are finished and the music is in rehearsal. The performers, both physical and virtual, are ready to begin. So please STAY TUNED. The 2017 performance schedule for Theater Ktesibios, when/if available, will be available here.

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