Teetering Music

"The explanation lies probably in the difference between doing a thing in play or without a plan -- when it is immaterial which movement (sound) is made -- and doing the same thing of fixed intention when this sound and this sound only is required" -- Otto Jespersen 1925

Teeterings Music is a JAVA MIDI application. It creates a grid or texture upon which sounds are populated, either densely or sparsely. Sounds collide as their duration begins and ends. It is a literal chattering of sounds.

A full screen application link is available. The full screen version requires a download of JAVA WebStart, and may require the user to accept a signed certificate from the artist.

If, by chance, you are not hearing any sound then it is probable that there are no midi sound banks installed on your computer. JAVA at one time installed these by default. But alas, MIDI may not be that well heralded over there at the SUN camp.